Raleigh D2 & D3 Showcase

NCAA Division II & III Lacrosse Coaches Watch You Play sanctioned by USA Lacrosse

Tap into the vast network of college lacrosse coaches attending the College Invitational. The National Halo Network of prestigious academic universities and top lacrosse coaches provides an outstanding platform for talented prospects to be identified at the Halo LAX College Invitational.

The college invitational unites high school athletes and NCAA Division II & III lacrosse coaches

  • You’ll play in 3 games with the possibility of an All-Star nomination
  • Your team will be coached by NCAA DII & III coaches
  • You’ll take part in individual and small group position drills with college coaches
  • You’ll wear a custom College Invitational uniform
  • You’ll learn what NCAA Division II & III Men’s Lacrosse is all about
  • Q&A with NCAA Division II & III college coaches explaining the benefits of choosing Division II or III