6onLAX Road to the Cup


Road to the cup


6onLAX is the first of its kind 6-on-6 team lacrosse competition designed to reduce the number of players need to form a team and compete. Games are fast paced and exciting requiring a blend of individual skills and teamwork. It might be half the players and a smaller field, but that means it’s double the competition and pace of play.

Sanctioned by USA Lacrosse, Halo LAX brings an innovative approach to lacrosse games and competition with smaller fields and smaller teams that allow players to develop better skill development and optimum ball-handling. With 6onLAX, we’re all about small teams and big games and expanding the sport of lacrosse.

6onLAX Road to the Cup

6onLAX National Championship

Join Halo LAX in the first annual 6onLAX National Championship in Hillsborough, New Jersey on October 23, 2021.

Click below to learn more and register today to compete against the best in the country.

6onLAX Road to the Cup

Halo LAX is part of the SF Network, bringing signature lacrosse events to premier venues across the Nation. With 6v6 game format, we bring a fast-paced, energetic approach to all lax players, and each game leads to the final 6onLAX National Championship Halo Cup in Fall 2021.

Halo LAX hosts premier competitions in the National 6onLAX Tour for those looking for big competition. All leading back to the final game, the National 6onLAX Championship, and the chance to claim victory!