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Introducing 6onLAX


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At Halo LAX we are devoted to the game of lacrosse and serving our athletes. We are more than an event company. We’re a team committed to expanding the sport of lacrosse and are excited to introduce 6onLAX!  

6onLAX is the first of its kind with 6 on 6 team lacrosse competition designed to allow anyone who wants to play lacrosse to participate. Games are fast paced and exciting requiring a blend of individual skills and teamwork.

Here are the basics:

  • Free registration for team captains
  • Multiple skill brackets
  • Played on a modified lacrosse field using standard size goals with 1 game Official on the field and 1 Official on the sideline box
  • Each team may only have 6 players on the field at the same time including 1-Goalie
  • Team roster size requires a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 11 players
  • The game will consist of two 10-minute periods separated by one 5-minute half time. There are no timeouts and the clock does not stop
  • 45 second shot clock
  • Short sticks (40” – 42”) and goalie sticks only

Join the movement and build your 6onLAX team!