At Halo LAX, we’re more than just an event company. We’re a team committed to expanding the sport of lacrosse through events, education, showcases, and player engagement. We support this mission through our three signature-style events 6onLAX, College Invitationals, and regional tournaments.

6onLAX™ is the first of its kind

6onLAX™ is the first of its kind with 6 on 6 team lacrosse competition designed to allow anyone who wants to play lacrosse to participate. Games are fast paced and exciting requiring a blend of individual skills and teamwork. 6onLAX™ promotes the international games movement of 6 on 6 play by supporting the development of players, coaches, and officials, as well as using consistent rules that promote the growth and popularity of lacrosse. The game is specifically designed to reduce the number of players needed to easily form an optimal team, resulting in a fun and exciting lacrosse competition that boosts camaraderie with friends and teammates and enhances athletic development.

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As the SF Network expands, our goal is to create a win for everyone participating in the youth sports industry: players and families, facilities and destinations, and event owners and partners.