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3 Reasons to Participate in a Halo LAX D3 Showcase



Halo LAX puts on D3 Showcases for your benefit. We are helping some of the most prestigious academic and competitive lacrosse programs in the country interact with you. Here are some takeaways you can get from attending a Halo LAX D3 Showcase.

1. College Recruiting Opportunity

One of the best reasons to attend a Halo LAX D3 Showcase is to get your players seen. And continue your player’s Lacrosse career beyond high school and club. These showcases have participating colleges who are looking for your athletes to help their team out. One important tip to tell your players though is to not just show up. Most of these athletes will just show up and hope they get seen by these recruiters and coaches. But most of the time, they might get overlooked because of the number of athletes there. So, it’s important to be in communication with these coaches and schools your athlete is interested in before arriving. This will make the coach look for you and give you the chance to impress them. Don’t just be another number at a showcase, get recognized at one of our amazing D3 Showcases!

2. Learn about College Lacrosse & Best Practices during Play

Another great reason to attend a D3 Showcase is to learn how lacrosse is played at a college level. With so many coaches and recruiters at these showcases, they are put on to not only get your athletes recognized but show them what it takes to play at the next level. Players get to interact with the coaches on the field. They can learn from these coaches and discuss what it takes to play at the next level. Where else can you have a Q&A session with 25+ Colleges from around the country?

Coach David Webster, men’s head lacrosse coach at Dickinson College, showed praise at one of our events back in January saying, “There are not enough genuine opportunities for recruits to interact on the field with college coaches. This is at the heart of the Halo LAX National D3 showcase experience! Small numbers of high school players working directly with college coaches and then competing is what makes this event so unique and so much fun.  College coaches really enjoy this environment and the players have been overwhelmingly positive and grateful for this format and style.” You truly cannot find a lacrosse event like this anywhere else as Coach Webster stated. So, sign up for one of our D3 Showcases today to join the lacrosse wave!

3. All-Around Value

The value you as a coach, or your athletes and parents will receive from one of our events goes beyond the field. As we discussed how valuable it can be to attend a showcase and get recognized or learn about how college lacrosse works, everyone will learn so much more from these events. These colleges coming to each showcase are not only great competitive lacrosse programs. Each attendee is a prestigious academic program focusing on academic success for their student-athletes. And did you know that 75% of D3 student-athletes receive some form of merit or need-based financial aid similar to a D1 or D2 program?

As a player, you can get recognized to further your career, learn about these great colleges’ athletics, academics, and more, and interact with coaches on what they want and are looking for in a complete student-athlete. As a coach, you can see the drills, expectations, and styles of these college coaches. Better setting up your athletes for success on and off the field. And as a parent, you can learn what these prestigious universities and programs offer your child to set them up for success when lacrosse is over. The value you receive from signing up for one of our D3 Showcases is unimaginable. Help your athletes set up their future on and off the field by getting them seen at our next Halo LAX D3 Showcase.

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