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6onLAX Launches in Florida With Two Lacrosse Tournaments Sanctioned by US Lacrosse



Halo LAX, a provider of premier lacrosse events by The Sports Facilities Companies, will feature two 6onLAX events in Florida as part of its inaugural 2020 season.

6onLAX is the first of its kind 6-on-6 team lacrosse competition designed to reduce the number of players needed to form a team and compete. Games are fast paced and exciting, requiring a blend of individual skills and teamwork.

“By making the game smaller, we’re able to make the sport bigger,” said Justin Roach, SFM National Director – Events & Entertainment. “6onLAX also goes hand in hand with the US Lacrosse athlete development model and the international movement for the sport to join the Olympics. These tournaments are opportunities for lacrosse players to recruit some friends, form a team, and get out and enjoy the game.”

The first 6onLAX Florida event will be held at the Panama City Beach Sports Complex, an SFM Network venue, on November 22. The second, hosted at the National Training Center in Orlando, is slated for December 19.

6onLAX uses a standard field size for both boys and girls of 60×30 yards with standard goals. There are two 12-minute periods separated by a 3-minute half time. Roster size is a minimum of 9 and max of 11, and all players are required to have a valid US Lacrosse Membership.

Halo LAX will be hosting an “Introduction to 6onLAX” via Zoom on November 6 at 12 noon (ET). Anyone interested in learning more about the game and upcoming events is welcome to join for a short presentation and Q&A with the Halo LAX team. RSVP by visiting