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6onLAX Pre-Season Classics Like No Other



This past weekend, Halo LAX hosted the first 6onLAX Pre-Season Classic of the 2021 season. Two tournaments took place, one in Westfield, IN and the other in Hillsborough, NJ. The tournaments are unique because they welcomed teams, but also allowed individual players to register and later be placed on a Halo LAX team (house team).

Westfield, IN

In Westfield, IN, Grand Park Sports Complex welcomed 21 teams consisting of 263 coaches and players. The teams consisted of middle school girls, high school boys and girls (varsity and JV), in addition to one Halo LAX team. The house team was coached by NCAA lacrosse coach, Alexis Digiovanni.

Hillsborough, NJ

Similarly, Iron Peak Sports & Events Complex in Hillsborough, NJ welcomed 21 teams and four house teams. The teams consisted of 248 players and coaches, alongside six NCAA coaches who coached the house teams. Although there was a smaller variety in the divisions competing, there was no lack of morale or drive to dominate.

Check out the winners below, and to register for your next Halo LAX event, visit!

Divisions: Westfield, INHillsborough, NJ
Middle School Boysn/aChampion: 3D Black
n/aFinalist: Hopewell Valley
n/aScore: 12-7
Middle School GirlsChampion: Triumph 25 n/a
Finalist: Indy Unitedn/a
Score: 8-7n/a
High School Boys Champion: Slick StixChampion: New Jersey Pride
Finalist: Cash Cows GreenFinalist: Red Devils 11/12
Score: 12-9Score: 24-13
High School Girls (Varsity)Champion: Triumph Blackn/a
Finalist: Crocs Lacrossen/a
Score: 16-10n/a
High School Girls (Junior Varsity)Champion: Triumph 24 Black n/a
Finalist: Blackjack 24n/a
Score: 8-7n/a