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In the Middle of It All



Similar to any other sport, there are multiple positions that make up every lacrosse team. In lacrosse, there are defenders, attackers, goalies, and midfielder. Every player on the team brings something unique to the field, and each position is pertinent to the team’s success. So… what’s the best position to play?

Although there are many advantages of each position, many players argue that the best position in lacrosse is midfielder. Midfielders seem to get a bit of everything during the game, as they play both offense and defense.

Top Three Reasons Midfielders Rock

1. Versatility

Playing midfield requires versatility and dedication from players. When playing a position that is so crucial for your team’s success, you need to be aware at all times. A midfielder’s role includes aspects of both offensive and defensive players.

2. Selflessness

A midfielder will quickly learn that their job is to run and get the ball in the hands of the attackers so that they can score. This means that whoever plays this position is aware that they will need to sacrifice their personal glory for the sake of the teams.

3. Backbone of the Team

Playing both offense and defense requires extreme speed, stamina, and agility. Midfielders are required to quickly run across the field to give possession of the ball to the attackers who score the game winning points. These players need to retrieve balls, clear saved shots, hustle, and are also responsible for the transition of the game.

A midfielder’s whole position is based on supporting their teammates. They need to be resilient and dedicated to the success of the team. It’s important to remember that although many argue midfielder is the best position to play, they wouldn’t see victory without their teammates in other positions.

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