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Behind the Back to Get Ahead



There are many different ways to be the best at the sport you love, starting with the basics. In lacrosse, once a player becomes more advanced, there are more maneuvers they add to this list. One of the more advanced is a shooting technique called behind the back, also known as BTB.

BTB shooting is used by advanced players when they’re in a position that hinders their ability to use the typical front shot. Although this technique isn’t used in every game, it’s a great way for players to get around a tough defensemen. BTB is perfect for players who want to make a pass or shot without opening their hands up to the defender.

How to BTB

Like anything in life, being able to properly perform a BTB shot requires a lot of practice. There are a few different ways to execute this shot, but here are a few standard tips.

  1. First and foremost, don’t think too much about your hand placement. Hand placement for this shot should be what feels natural and isn’t different than a normal shot or pass.
  2. Point your shoulders in the direction of your target.
  3. Try to keep your bottom hand as close to your body as possible. This will make your top hand to go behind your head, which will cause the ball to go where your shoulders were pointed.

This shot isn’t meant to be used just because, but the more you practice and get comfortable, the easier it’ll be to decipher if and when you should use it.

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