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World Lacrosse Introduces New 6v6 Brand: SIXES



It’s no secret that here at Halo LAX, we love the 6v6 discipline. Turns out, we aren’t the only ones. Last week, World Lacrosse introduced their new 6v6 discipline, the World Lacrosse Sixes.

The unique play style of 6v6 was designed to allow players to have the most play time possible during games. In addition, the games are fast paced and exciting, giving players the opportunity to demonstrate both individual skills and teamwork.

The World Lacrosse Sixes main goal is to continue the expansion of lacrosse worldwide. But they aren’t going to stop there. The Sixes are hopeful this exciting development will help to eliminate barriers of entry to those interested in the sport. This means reducing the cost of play, along with team size and field size.

World Lacrosse is hopeful that this new and exciting version of lacrosse will interest the next generation of laxers. While different, 6v6 will still provide a game that features tempo, speed, scoring, and less specialization. Although it is not yet an Olympic sport, the 6v6 discipline can potentially fit into the 21st Century Olympics.

“This is the beginning of an exciting, new era for World Lacrosse and lacrosse players around the globe,” said World Lacrosse President Sue Redfern. “As the newest offering from our international federation, World Lacrosse Sixes is an ideal complement to our existing field and box disciplines. Sixes blends many of the most popular aspects of the field and box games and introduces new elements that appeal to the next generation of sport participants and fans.” (

So… What’s Different?

The World Lacrosse Sixes was developed to optimize every players skills. Here’s how:

  • :30 second shot clock
  • Games are played in 4, 8-minute quarters
  • Goalies initiate play after goals are scored; draws / faceoffs occur only at the start of each quarter
  • Field size is 70×36 meters
  • Flow of the game emphasizes tempo, with fewer stoppages in play
  • Everyone plays both sides of the field (defense/offensive); substitutions are made on the fly
  • Rosters are comprised of 12 players, which leads to more playing time and more touches on the ball
  • In the women’s game, defensive players cannot be penalized for entering the shooting lane of an offensive player; offensive players will be penalized for taking a shot without regard for other players.

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