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Why You Should Join the 6v6 Lacrosse Movement



6v6 lacrosse is growing rapidly and we are excited about it. This style of lacrosse has caught the eyes of laxers across the world and we believe everyone should try out this new and exciting game. So here are just some of the reasons why you should join this movement today.

6 Reasons to Play 6v6 Lacrosse

  1. Fast Paced

    6v6 lacrosse promotes a new, fun, and exciting game that is faster-paced than traditional lacrosse. With fewer stoppages, quicker restarts, no offsides, and a running clock, there is non-stop action the entire game!

  2. More Goals!

    Everyone loves higher-scoring games, and 6v6 lacrosse will give you just that. Having fewer people on the field, opens the game up for more shots and more fast breaks, ultimately resulting in more goals!

  3. More Individual Skills Showcased

    Also, this smaller and condensed field allows for more stick skills to be shown. With this less crowded field, there are fewer collisions and more room for each athlete to work the ball around and flash their stick skills.

  4. Less Specialization

    6v6 lacrosse promotes a better all-around skill set as everyone plays both offense and defense. Everyone has to be well-rounded and develop not only their stick skills but their defensive skills as well with rapid subs and a faster game.

  5. More Playing Time

    With smaller rosters and these rapid subs, everyone will get more playing time. And of course, more playing time means more touches. This helps develop in-game skills and keeps athletes engaged and enjoying lacrosse.

  6. The Future of the Sport

    6v6 Lacrosse can be the future of the sport on the international level as World Lacrosse recently introduced SIXES. This traditional/box lacrosse hybrid promotes overall synchronicity for men’s and women’s lacrosse. And with 6v6 lacrosse being cheaper to run, the International Olympic Committee is more attracted to this style of lacrosse. So, get a head start, and join the movement now. Maybe one day you can represent your country at the Olympic Games!

To join the movement of Lacrosse, join us for the next tournament. To register, please visit