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5 Reasons to Participate in a 6onLAX Event



6onLAX puts on some of the best lacrosse events around the country. This new style of play is revolutionizing the game of lacrosse forever. Giving more chances for people to play in a faster-paced, less specialized game that has a direct route to expanding lacrosse internationally. Here are some reasons that everyone in the world of lacrosse should be checking this new style out and signing up for a 6onLAX event this year.

1. Get Your Athletes Recognized

With the style of a 6onLAX event, your athletes will be on the field more. This leads to more touches and recognition for their game. And on top of this, each athlete can develop their overall skillset. The “sixes” format gives way to less specialization making each athlete on the field need to be able to defend 1-on-1, pass, and score with more quality. Your athletes have more room to shine on the field and further their lacrosse career because of it.

2. Focus on Your Athletes

Not only will recruiters, college coaches, and more be able to focus more on your athlete’s potential, but you as a coach can focus on growing your athlete’s skillset easier. During practice, you can work on more as a team and individually. Being able to give more attention to each athlete will grow their skillset and love for this beautiful game. And when you get to a 6onLAX event, you will see the ability for your athletes to play and be coached better.

3. More Fun!

6onLAX and the new sixes format is ultimately more fun not only for the players but coaches and parents too. These fast-paced games lead to more scoring and action all-around. And having fun tends to be the most important factor in keeping athletes playing a sport. Your athletes are not going to keep wanting to further their lacrosse career if they do not enjoy the game anymore. So, this fast-paced, high-energy, goal-scoring new style of lacrosse is the perfect way to grow the sport to a level we thought we might never reach.

4. Less Barriers to Enter

With smaller roster sizes, typically 9-12 players per team, this eliminates a major barrier to entry for lacrosse clubs. Cost! Now you can roster a team, get equipment, practice, and travel for cheaper. Opportunity is one of the most crucial aspects of athletic development. And with the more opportunities you are giving your athletes through playing time, focused practice, and more money for more events, your athletes will still develop their game faster than ever.

5. The Future of the Sport

6v6 Lacrosse can be the future of the sport on the international level as World Lacrosse recently introduced SIXES. This traditional/box lacrosse hybrid promotes overall synchronicity for men’s and women’s lacrosse. And with 6v6 lacrosse being cheaper to run, the International Olympic Committee is more attracted to this style of lacrosse. So, get a head start, and join the movement now. Maybe your athletes will one day represent our country at the Olympic Games!

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