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5 Ways to Elevate Your Lacrosse Brand



Your Club’s Name

Your club’s name can be very important to attracting future players and standing out. When doing this, you do not want to pick a name every other club has. So, avoid more common names like the “Slash” or the “Hot Shots”. By coming up with unique names, your club will also be easier to search up and find. You can do this by including the name of your city/region and adding a clever name after it on your own. This will also help elevate your lacrosse brand overall when you create a great image and content for your team!

Club’s Logo

Your club’s logo can be great for marketing to draw people in with a recognizable brand image. The logo for your club is the face of your team on your jerseys, helmets, social accounts, and online. And this is very important in all sports teams as everyone that follows sports knows every team by their logo. Try and do the same with your club! Make a great logo and color scheme that is attractive to players and will be usable for years to come. If you cannot come up with all this on your own, you can always get very quality work from freelancers and professional artists for just around $100. This strong brand image can make your club look credible even if you’re a brand-new club with no players or coaches yet! So, make sure you take this step very seriously as it can help elevate your lacrosse brand on its own.

Camps and Clinics

Putting on camps and clinics with your lacrosse club or by yourself as a coach can really help you build your credibility. If you already have an established club and team, you can put these events on for younger kids. This will help you bring in the next wave of athletes to your club or for younger teams. These events will attract more players as they get more popular and help establish you as a known club and coach.

If you are just starting your club out, putting on camps and clinics can really help elevate your lacrosse brand. By sharing your lacrosse knowledge and showing how well you can coach will attract more skilled athletes. And on top of this, these events will help you bring in money for your club. This can be very important to attracting more players or keeping your club happy as well. Everyone loves going to big tournaments and having more competitions each season and this is not possible without the funding. Camps and clinics really can help your current and future club out in so many ways and can truly elevate your lacrosse brand in ways you never knew were possible.

Outreach Events

Having your team do local outreach events can truly benefit your team and the community around you. This can show how you want to give back and help the community that lets you enjoy this sport. These outreach events or volunteering around the community will really get your club out there. Outreach is also a great way to attract people and attention to your team. You will attract good people to your team that really want to make a difference on and off the field. And this can be very important to elevate your lacrosse brand as a whole. By helping others, you will also be helping your club.

Social Media

Centralizing your name, logo, camps, and clinics, and outreach opportunities in one place is very important to elevate your lacrosse brand! With your remarkable club and everything you do on the field and off the field, it is very important to be able to show the world who you are. And the way to do this is to have amazing social accounts. These days you can attract so many people and attention just purely off social media. Having a strong online presence is arguably the most important factor of your brand. And remember, there is almost no such this as too much content these days also. Because not only do athletes love seeing themselves posted on Instagram, but their moms and family members enjoy it even more to see their star athletes all over Facebook!

Being active on these accounts will be key to marketing your club to the lacrosse world. So, make sure you stay active on all your social accounts and keep posting everything your club is about. Give updates about your team, the camps, and the clinics you run. Show the community and people how much good you do and tell them why you do it. And finally, show your team and their family all the highlights from your tournaments and give shoutouts to your athletes so they can show off their skills and your clubs to their lacrosse friends, who might also be future athletes on your club!

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