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5 Ways to Grow Your Youth Lacrosse Club



Lacrosse has been one of the fastest-growing sports over the past few years. Even with this being the case, it is always hard for clubs to gain exposure, and continue to grow. There are a few points of focus that can really get your club noticed by athletes around your community. Focus on these points, and you will start to grow your club quickly!

Grow Your Brand

If you do not already have one, create a website for your team. Surprisingly, it doesn’t cost that much to create a website or have someone design it for you. If your club has the funds, there is just an ongoing monthly cost to maintain it. This can be important for multiple reasons. First, this website can be very helpful for parents. Hosting information meetings at the local schools or youth sports programs can be very effective. When parents are looking for their child to join a lacrosse club, having all the information they are looking for in one, the easily accessible place will attract them to your club. Also, kids want to play for someone or something they believe in and think looks cool. So, branding your club with a cool website, logo, and colors can bring kids to push your club to their parents and friends.

Social Media

One of the easiest ways to grow your brand these days is through social media. First off, make sure your brand is concurrent across all social media accounts and your website. Beyond growing your brand on social media, it is important to have videos. Kids will love being in videos and being posted on your account. Videos will not only keep your athletes happy or draw other lacrosse athletes in, but they will bring in new lacrosse players. Lacrosse is a fun and exciting sport with plenty of action. It is easy to gain exposure and attract new people to this sport and doing so on social media is where to reach the lacrosse youth.

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Get Your Athletes Noticed

Social media can be so important to this aspect of growing your lacrosse club. As much as kids will love being posted on your social accounts, they could get noticed by coaches and scouts from these posts. You can highlight, and show your athletes scoring goals, flashing new skills, and just playing the game. Because not only will this show you have talented young athletes, but it can show their development through your lacrosse club. That is what most parents and athletes are looking for: a fun place to play where they can really improve every day.

Camps and Clinics

A way to continuously grow the skills of your athletes, other lacrosse athletes, and gain recognition for your club can be through hosting these camps or clinics. As you develop the skills of the lacrosse community around you, you will start to gain respect as a club and coach. You can use this to show that you are committed to these athletes and the best place to improve their skills. You can start off by hosting these events free if you do not think you can draw in a huge crowd. But after a while, these camps can not only improve the lacrosse community around you, and grow your club, but it can help fund your team.

Fight Misconceptions

One last way to grow your club exponentially is to fight all the misconceptions around lacrosse. Lacrosse has been known to be a very expensive sport. But that is only because of the flashy, hyped-up gear. You can spend what you can afford or want to spend on lacrosse equipment. Sticks can be cheaper, or expensive depending on your level of play, and if you want new or used gear. This is the same in all sports as new, hyped-up brands cost more. One great way to help your club with expenses and show that lacrosse can be cheaper is to fundraise. Fundraising can help travel costs and event equipment costs for your club. This will not only make your club happier but lowering the cost of entry to your club, more athletes and parents will want to come to play for your club.

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