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World Lacrosse Announces Free 6v6 Coaches Clinic at Upcoming 6onLAX Event



World Lacrosse is hosting a free clinic for coaches at the 6onLAX Florida Go for The Gold Tournament in Davenport, Florida. The clinic will be held Saturday, May 15, 2021, at 1:00 pm at the Northeast Regional Park.

The clinic will familiarize coaches with the 6v6 style game and the new rules that make this playing style unique. During the clinic, coaches will participate in a 45-minute classroom session. After that, there will be a 1-hour field session. Clinic instructors will provide coaches with techniques and tools that will allow them to effectively introduce and reinforce new concepts. Coaches can best prepare for game competition at the Go for the Gold tournament on Sunday by registering here:

Most importantly, this kind of clinic and introduction of the 6v6 style game will challenge coaches and require them to think critically and creatively about how to deliver higher-level instruction.

World Lacrosse has combined best practice coaching techniques with feedback from national team coaches, who have adopted the 6v6 format, to create a framework for introducing 6v6 concepts to athletes. Graduates of World Lacrosse’s Coach Development Academy will be teaching the clinic.

In a recent article from Sports Destination Management, experts shared “Lacrosse Sixes has an excellent opportunity, particularly if we can get this game to fit the television window, fit the window of live play during the Olympic Games, decrease the cost and complexity of staging this competition, but also create a product that is very consumable on digital and social media,” Scherr said. “That was our goal with Lacrosse Sixes. We’re on the way. It’s not the full-field game, but we think it offers an incredible amount as a potential Olympic discipline.”

Although not yet an Olympic sport, World Lacrosse is striving to display the 6v6 discipline as a catalyst for development. In addition, they are hopeful that this form of play will lower barriers the sport may face in the future.

World Lacrosse, Halo LAX, and Lax Maniax invite all coaches who are new to the 6v6 game to attend. If you’re interested in learning more about the 6onLAX Go for the Gold event on Sunday, May 16th, players, coaches and teams can register here: